Woven Woods

Woven Wood Shades bring nature indoors. With carefully selected bamboos, reeds, grasses and jutes, woven woods combines nature with technology – and the outcome is casual elegance. From rustic to tortoise, muted or intense, woven woods makes creating your own island paradise a breeze. Textures abound and options are endless. Welcome to a new, natural world of window coverings – pure and simple.

Practical Advice:
Great in certain applications, but some of the woods can be very delicate. These are amazing when going for a certain look in a room, but be advised; since they are made of natural products, there can be natural flaws when the light shines through them. Not meant to be perfect in their assembly. This shade has 100s of fabrics to choose from and can have privacy linings added to the back.

Woven Woods Photo Gallery
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