Cellular Shades

Honeycomb shades combine soft, seamless fabrics with crisp, even pleats that hold their shape indefinitely. Perfect for virtually any size or shape window, cellulars offer hundreds of gorgeous colors, a striking array of distinctive fabrics, a variety of pleat sizes, and design options to cover most any window.

Practical Advice:
Popular for people who like to lift the shade up every day and have an unobstructed view, the shade stacks very tightly at the top. Some drawbacks, they are either up or down, there is no way to vary the light. Also sometimes people don’t like the amount of cording that hangs when blinds are lifted which is easily solved by adding the cordless option. Honeycombs are great with a remote control for those high up windows or over a jet-tub. Popular as Blackout shades which allows NO light in, also can be made into a top down-bottom up which allows a little more versatility.

With energy bills on the rise these are also a great shade to consider for its insulating purposes. Cellular shades are hands down the most insulating blind on the market. Don’t like verticals? Check out the honeycomb shade vertical application.

Cellular Shades Photo Gallery
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